Saturday, February 11, 2012

Off I Go ...

Trying just one more step in that path out of my self-imposed isolation (of which moving "upstate" was just the first nail in the proverbial coffin). Yeah, I'm going to the theater by myself. But you know what, it's theater that probably most people wouldn't want to sit through. Three and one-half hours of a Shakespearean history play with just one intermission? Not really. But that's OK. The last play I saw was at BAM as well, a Beckett play, Endgame, with John Turturro, Elaine Stritch and Max Casella. Again, not for everyone. But for me, it's that food I was talking about in a previous post.

As my bloggin' friend Randal Graves would say, if I were to become one of the Shiny Happy People his entire world view might collapse, or something to that effect.

I typically go to the theater with my younger sister. But, as our relationship has been become glass (also referring to a previous post, about relationships being like glass). I'd love to enjoy this with her. But that is not to be. Not now. And probably not ever. But that's OK.

So I'm off. To consider the nature of evil ... News at 11:00.

Kevin Spacey should stick to acting. His commentary on the play is a little disappointing to me. He's lacking intellectual gravitas. Sorry. Just my opinion.


  1. Enjoy the play. I bet it will be a lot of fun. I hope the snow is pretty. I agree with you about Kevin Spacey's commentary. It's so rare that actors speak interestingly and convincingly (at least on camera in interviews) about either acting or particular plays or movies. (Alan Arkin is a notable exception.) We should talk about the relationships/glass thing sometime. I know what you mean. I'm sorry about your sister, though. Curtis

  2. What's wrong with 3+ hours of Shakespearean history? Now, 3+ hours of C-Span, that's living hell.

    As usual, can't listen, but it can't be any worse than a Tim Burton DVD commentary track. Aural Sominex.


  3. There have been a number of stage actors able to speak with authority about plays but most movie stars just don't have the depth of experience.

    I'm sorry you'll miss your sister's company. It was Lord Byron who said: “In solitude, where we are least alone.” When I'm out alone I tend to conjure favorite companions.