Monday, April 2, 2012

Back in the Day

Waaaaaay back. I actually has a real "blogroll" on 'anitaxanaxnow.' Back when I had a "Typepad" account.Digby was new. Pandagon was new. Eschaton was new. Lawyers Guns and Money were new. Feministing was new. I love the fact that I saw some of these blogs actually start. And, some made it well into the new(er) media, like Glenn Greenwald and Kos and Ezra Klein. Some are on FB now. Some are not. I'm going to track down as many of the ole' bloggers I remember ... and make another blogroll. Once again ... not looking for attention. Just trying to recreate ... or rather rediscover and re-animate something that I once wrapped myself around. It was fun.

Not to mention ...

Randal and "L'ennui mélodieux" (and his blog friend, Le Belette Rouge [sp] who I read via Kindle, btw)... always new and in all ways blogospherian ... my friend.

Fairlane ... Chris Dashiell ... Utah Savage ... Politits ... Kevin Kelley ... OKJimm ... Kelso's Nuts ... Hey. That's it. Hey.


I feel like I'm writing a eulogy or something. For the record, that's not the case. And, hey, bottom line is that IF I were to ... hmmm "pass" ... the best people would probably say about me is that ... She Got Her Heart Broken. And Then She Died. Her Physical Self Stuck Around for Awhile. But She Really Was Dead Inside. And She Became A Problem Drinker. Her Hatred of Bill W. and AA were her Undoing. May She Rest In Peace.


  1. Ugh. Facebook. Ugh again. Writing anything often feels like writing a self-eulogy, I think. From a certain angle.

    1. I agree completely Curtis. I hate writing, but I was an English major. And you know what I hate writing most of all, poetry. There is nothing more difficult to write than a really good poem. I am awestruck by the intellectual precision of the great poets.

    2. You might enjoy this:


  2. Why the hate for Bill Ward? Brilliant drummer.
    Just make sure you hang around this time.
    Ye olde blogge dayes. Boy, I feel old.

    1. YOU feel old? Think about me, I was born in the Century Before This One. Oh. You Too? Hmmm ... Well, Top This One: The Number One Song on the Day of My Entry into THIS WORLD was Percy Faith's "orchestral piece" [sic], A Summer Place. (Great song, though, in a goopy kind of way ... definitely not Metal, but it's intentions are good.)